Students Money-saving And Rental Tips

The next part of the title to work on was the sub-heading. Another brainstorm resulted in a score of alternatives. None of which I was certain were ideal for the marketplace. One of the issues in marketing this book is that the initial audience is obviously students, but will they will actively seek out advice? In our, and our friends’ experience the answer was no. They preferred to think they were independent and capable. Their confidence was encouraging but misguided.

Interestingly, the response that I have received about the contents of the book from Mothers has been terrific. Every time they have been told the outline of the book, the response has been really positive, invariably along the lines of “I just wish I (or my kid) had such a book when at Uni.”

In speaking with a marketing expert about the sub-heading, his advice was to use the following, which I’ve formatted into an arrow head / pointer.


renting tips

to save money,

out-think the rogues,

and get your deposit refunded

He thinks the reference to rogues will gain a lot of attention. Not sure that my landlord & agent friends will be ecstatic with the inference, but “if the cap fits…”



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