Student Rentals book

Bit of progress. I had feedback from a professional “reader”. Apparently my sentence construction was too complicated. This means I used words that are too long. That makes me laugh. Students are supposed to be “smarter than your average bear”.

They also recommended that I make contents into 2 books. One for students and one for parents because the content is different. I do have to agree with this as its been an issue trying to think how to write for 2 different audiences, with parents wanting detail and students being of the current need for immediacy therefore requiring summaries.

End of chapter summaries would seem to be the way to go.

However, how do I find time? Many projects on the go; in Scotland where I have 2 for sale, in Eastbourne where I have a bungalow now ready apart from the large garden, to be put up for sale, and flats in Hastings that have also just been put on the market having upgraded the interiors of brand new flats being purchased from a developer.

It’s been a manic first 2 months of the year.

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