Did I tell you that I’ve written a book?

Yes, after 5 years of writing, editing, & trying to understand publishing whilst still running property projects, in June 2017 the book was published. Brilliant! Well the feeling of relief is.

Smart Student Guides, Renting Property: 147 Invaluable Rental Tips To Save You Money, Out-Think The Rogues, and Get Your Deposit Refunded

It’s a very proud moment opening the box from the printers and lifting out your first copy.

Obviously its aimed at Students for when they have to rent accommodation whilst at university, but I suspect from my feedback that parents / The Bank of Mum and Dad could be the major audience, although the book contains a massive amount of advice that will also benefit any tenant.

I am really pleased with the content and the feedback from those who read the initial manuscript. Whether the book sells will be down to me and how I market it. This is another, daunting learning curve.

Posting on Facebook or Twitter and occasionally writing and commenting on the less than user-friendly LinkedIn is one thing but social media marketing is completely new to me.

Lets see how quickly I can learn book marketing…

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