want to avoid the greedy agents and unhelpful landlords?

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Hi, I'm Ian. Thanks for dropping in for a copy of the cheat sheets.

It’s not a secret that landlords and agents take advantage of new students every year by:

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    Asking for huge deposits
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    Demanding non-refundable & outrageous agency fees
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    Failing to take care of essential property repairs once you've moved in, and
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    Finding creative ways to retain your large deposit!

In the property industry I've  seen practices and low standards that make me despair, so I want to “shake some trees”.

To start, I want to help you make some quick savings (that could, without exaggeration, be in the hundreds of £'s) and avoid some costly mistakes.

I've put together cheat sheets of the top rental tips for students and their biggest mistakes, and I am offering these to you for FREE.

Just this tip alone: to get your “reservation fee” credited to your first rental payment, could save you £300!

For a limited time, I'm also going to send you TWO chapters of my new book for free! 

I promise you that the book is full of insider tips that will save you money and make your life easier; 147 Invaluable Renting Tips to Save You Money, Out-think The Rogues and Get Your Deposit Refunded.

Just have a read of the free chapters & see if you think the content is as valuable as I say. 

You've probably already guessed that if you see that the book is a great investment then I would like you to come back and buy it  ;-) .

Whether you do or don't return, I will be happy if you apply some of the tips , provided you tell your friends, because it will start to put pressure on the rogues, and hopefully we can all help to push them out of business.

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Cheat Sheets Reg | Smart Student Guides
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