Book progress

Having completed my property projects a few months ago, I only needed to tie up administrative loose ends and see through the sale of the properties.
A couple of weeks ago, much to my relief, the property in Scotland completed. Its a hard slog up there and we certainly mis-read the marketplace. The level of demand was nowhere near what we anticipated even though we sold the flat for 30% lower than the Home Report valuation.

This has given me time to concentrate on improving the book contents and try to learn how best to market the book. This is a lot of learning, and far outside my comfort zone. Excellent. This is where life is more interesting!

I have had some illustrations drawn by outsourcers in the Philippines. They are lovely to deal with; polite, hardworking, very educated (most have degrees) and generally speak good English. In addition I have had them complete research on some other property projects. Hopefully I will soon find time to piece these together.

The next steps with the book are to sort out the website, get a Foreword and some reviews, then get the manuscript reviewed by a copy-editor.

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